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Study in Russia

Why Russia?

As the world’s largest country, it’s hardly surprising that Russia is home to so many universities — 950 of them, to be exact. What may come as a surprise? How many of its higher education institutions offer world-class, globally-recognized educational opportunities. Russia now participates in the Bologna Process, and many of its premier universities are members of the European Universities Association.  A whopping 22 Russian universities, meanwhile, earned spots on the QS World University Rankings 2016-2017.

Russia recently earned a plum spot on Bloomberg’s roundup of the world’s most innovative economies, but its innovative spirit is not limited to the financial sector. A Russian education uniquely fuses traditional academic rigors with a commitment to innovation in the form of competency-based education across a breadth and depth of areas of study. And while we’d be lying if we didn’t say that studying in Russia was demanding, a degree from a Russian institution is highly prized by the world’s employers — making it well worth the effort.

There’s a reason why Russia’s best and brightest high school grads fight so fiercely for sought-after spots at the country’s universities. From engineering and economics to law and medicine, Russia offers near-endless opportunities for academic enrichment.

According to data provided by Study in Russia, the maximum cost of tuition at the country’s most elite universities tops out at 344,000 roubles annually — that’s $6,100 a year. Meanwhile, full-time bachelor’s degree programs start at just 63,000 roubles a year — or $1,100. 

The only thing better than cheap tuition? Free tuition. The Russian government grants thousands of scholarships to international students every year. In 2016, for example, 15,000 scholarships were granted to international applicants covering full tuition, a maintenance allowance, and dormitory accommodations.

Lastly, university academic competitions also offer financial incentives to academic superstars.

And while Moscow may be expensive compared to other parts of Russia, the cost of living there is still significantly lower than it would be in spendier spots, such as the UK.

While mention of the word Russia may initially bring to mind the austerity of a post-Cold War landscape, the country has come a very long way since then. Not only are many of its facilities state-of-the-art, but it also places a premium on international collaboration. If you’re looking for a truly global, cutting edge international study experience, it may well be waiting for you in Russia.

Not only is Russia currently a regional power, but it is returning as a world power. Because of its emerging status, everyone from the federal government to global corporations are looking for Russian language specialists.

Planning on a career in science or technology, meanwhile? Russian is also increasingly important in these fields — following only English in terms of number of academic publications in fields like mathematics, geology, physics, chemistry, and biology.

From its glorious architecture and fabled history to its vibrant culture and dazzling nightlife, there’s no end of things to see, do and discover in Russia. Lovers of the arts and sporting enthusiasts are equally likely to find plenty to love in Russia.

While your own host university will surely have plenty of activities to keep you busy, traveling throughout offers an amplified experience. Not only is Russia home to multiple climate zones, it also lays claim to 26 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Red Square, the Kremlin, the Golden Mountains of Altai, Lake Baikal, the Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, and many amazing others. Many Russian universities even organize student trips to these landmarks.

While the US, the UK and Australia have collectively earned a reputation as the “big three” of international study destinations, Russia’s promise is monumental in its own right.

Russia is also a top destination for international students wanting to study Medicine or Doctorate at a competitive tuition fee price.

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Study in UAE

Why UAE?

Studying in the United Arab Emirates can certainly have its benefits: sun, sea, sand, potential tax-free earnings after graduation, and, according to the QS World University Rankings, some of the best universities in the Gulf region. The UAE offers a range of high to medium thrill activities for the adrenaline-junkie. Popular recreational and adventure activities include sky diving, golfing, desert safaris, dune buggy riding, kayaking, surfing, and some.

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Study in Brazil

Why Brazil?

When you think of Brazil, you might think of beautiful beaches, soccer stars, and samba. However, Brazil is much more than these things. It is the largest Latin-American country and a popular destination for international students studying abroad. There are over 2,000 private and public schools that offer higher education programs in Brazil with both domestic and international recognition for quality. Brazil is a melting pot of cultures, and home to a wide variety of races, religions, and values. 

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Study in Peru

Why Peru?

Peru varied topography is influenced by the low jungles of the Amazon Basin, rugged Andes mountains and western coastal plains. The official language of Peru is Spanish. The country has a welcoming and friendly environment attracting students from across the world offering high quality education. It provides valuable opportunities for pupils of all majors with its rich diversity and modern culture, making it an economical study and living destination.

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Study in Turkey

Why Turkey?

The higher education system in Turkey has developed significantly in the last few decades in both quality and quantity. Turkish universities now offer a variety of majors and choices for international students. Compared to other international student destinations, Turkey offers significantly the lowest tuition fees and lowest living expenses. According to the Number’s 2017 Cost of living in Turkey is 44.41% lower than in the United States (aggregate data for all cities) Turkey’s metropolitan cities are in the very bottom row of the most expensive cities list.

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Study in Lebanon

Why Lebanon?

Lebanon is a vibrant county in the Middle East, steeped in history and featuring many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The country’s capital Beirut is increasingly popular with tourists and students for its diversity and growing prosperity.

For students the country offers great education, the chance to learn Arabic, a different culture and a growing international community.

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Study in Mexico

Why Mexico?

Skip the cold winters and head on down to sunny Mexico! As a study destination, Mexico has many excellent options to offer students, and there’s so much to love about the country, from its sandy beaches to its warm and friendly locals! Mexico offers education at relatively low tuition rates and the cost of living is quite a lot cheaper than Canada.

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